President Statement “Protest against Secret Meetings for Review Committee Members of ‘Fukushima Health Management Survey’”

   Prior to the official review committee meeting of “Fukushima Health Management Survey” on September 11 where one case of thyroid cancer among Fukushima children was announced, Fukushima prefectural government and Fukushima Medical University held preparatory secret meetings to work out a scenario to share the view that there is no causal relationship between the nuclear disaster and the outbreak of cancer.  For details see Mainichi newspaper “Secret meetings held on Fukushima nuclear crisis’s impact on human health” October 3, and “Fukushima held ‘secret meetings’ on format of health surveys” November 14:

Press Conference “Deceit by the Japanese Government”:

ACSIR held a press conference “Factual Investigations of Radiation Monitoring Posts: Systematic Reduction of Indicated Values”.  The press statement “Deceit by the Japanese Government” is here.

Letter of Demand to Prof. YAMASHITA Shunichi:

We sent a letter of demand, “We Protest against the Radiation Medical Science’s System which Rejects Thyroid Tests at Other Medical Facilities, and We Demand a System for Early Detection and Early Treatment” to Prof. YAMASHITA Shunichi, Director of Radiation Medical Science Center; Vice-President of Fukushima Medical University, Mr SATO Yohei, Governor of Fukushima Prefecture, and Ms KOMIYAMA Yoko, Minister of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


“Seven Recommendations to the Japanese Government: to Avoid Internal Exposure to Radiation by the Intake of Contaminated Food”

  1. To Aim for Almost Zero Becquerel
  2. Compensation to Primary Industry Workers and Consumers
  3. Guarantee the Rights of Primary Industry Workers, and Mass-Production of Non-contaminated Food
  4. Thorough Surveys of Oceans for Radioactive Contamination, and Secure Stable Supply of Safe Seafood
  5. Thorough Surveys of Sediments in Rivers and Lakes for Radioactive Contamination, and Secure Stable Supply of Safe Water
  6. Development and Implementation of Highly Efficient and Speedy Survey System for Radioactive Contamination
  7. Ensure Safety of School Lunch Ingredients, Radioactive Contamination Survey of all Food for Shipping, and Display of Their Becquerels