Letter of Demand to Prof. YAMASHITA Shunichi:

We sent a letter of demand, “We Protest against the Radiation Medical Science’s System which Rejects Thyroid Tests at Other Medical Facilities, and We Demand a System for Early Detection and Early Treatment” to Prof. YAMASHITA Shunichi, Director of Radiation Medical Science Center; Vice-President of Fukushima Medical University, Mr SATO Yohei, Governor of Fukushima Prefecture, and Ms KOMIYAMA Yoko, Minister of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

   Professor YAMASHITA Shunichi, as the President of Japan Thyroid Association sent an email letter signed with Professor SUZUKI Shinichi to the members of the Association requesting them not to examine Fukushima citizens and children for thyroid tests.  This is a violation of patients’ rights for medical examination and treatments.  The purpose of this seemingly criminal act is to monopolize the data of Fukushima citizens.

   Accordingly many medical facilities and doctors have been rejecting thyroid examinations and treatments of Fukushima citizens and children.  This is an unpardonable tyranny by medical professionals. It is negligence and a breach of fundamental human rights by medical professions.

   According to the Medical Practitioners Act Article 24, medical records of patients must be kept for five years.  The ultrasound examinations of the Fukushima citizens by the Radiation Medical Science Center are regarded as such, and must be kept for two years.  However Professor Yamashita and his team did not show the sonogram to the patients.  The sonograms must be given to the patients, so that when they move to other places they can go to other doctors with their sonogram.  We request Professor Yamashita to show the minimum courtesy and sincerity of providing the patients with the result of their blood tests and sonograms of their ultrasound examination.