About Us

Welcome to the Association for Citizens and Scientists concerned about Internal Radiation Exposures.

ACSIR was founded in December 2011 with 26 inaugural members including citizens and scientists.  It has now over 600 members (as of December 2012).

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Honorary President: HIDA Shuntaro (M.D., Hiroshima bomb survivor)

Advisor: OISHI Matashichi (former crew of the Lucky Dragon, Bikini Atoll H-bomb survivor) 

President: SAWADA Shoji (Particle Physics, Hiroshima bomb survivor; Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University)


Vice-Presidents (in alphabetical order)

  • MATSUI Eisuke (M.D., Radiology, Pneumology; Director, Gifu Research Institute for Environmental Medicine)
  • TAKAHASHI Hiroko (History; lecturer, Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University)
  • YAGASAKI Katsuma (Condensed Matter Physics; Professor Emeritus, University of the Ryukyus)


Standing Directors (in alphabetical order)

  • ISHIDA Nobuko (Editor, Protecting Children's Health and Future Project)
  • MORITA Toshiya(Journalist, Social common capital)
  • MUTA Orie (Comparative Literature; Emeritus Professor, Gifu University) 
  • NAKASUKA Noriyuki (Chemistry; Emeritus Professor, Gifu University)
  • NAMAI Hyoji (Genetics and Breeding Science, former Professor, University of Tsukuba)
  • NISHIO Masamichi (Radiology; Director of Hokkaido Cancer Center)
  • TASHIRO Masato (Journalist)



  • ARIMA Rie: (Actress, Representative Director of NGO Japan Peace Committee)
  • FUJIWARA Toshikazu (Chemistry, Representative of Citizens Against Chemicals Pollution)
  • FURUSE Masahiro (M.D., Neurosurgery)
  • ICHINOSE Keiichiro (lawyer, Trustee, NPO Archive Centre of Unit 731 Chemical Warfare)
  • INNAMI Toshio (Citizen Activist for Peace and Human Rights)
  • IWAKAMI Yasumi (Journalist, Director of IWJ Independent Web Journal)
  • IWATA Wataru (Director of Citizen’s Radioactive Measuring Station,)
  • MATSUI Kazuko (Education for Human Development)
  • NAKAMURA Goro (Photo Journalist)
  • OHNUMA Junichi (Environmental Science, Member of Steering Committee of Nagoya Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring Center)
  • OWADA Koji (Molecular Cell Biology)
  • SHOJI Zenya(Food microbiology)
  • SUZUKI Norio (Journalist, Director of KOCO FM Radio Station)
  • WATANABE Yukishige (Freelance journalist)
  • YAMADA Kosaku (Condensed Matter Physics)
  • YAMADA Makoto (M.D., Pediatrician, Board Chairman of Hachioji Central Clinic)
  • YOSHIKI Ken (Member of ISO/TC61-Plastics)


ACSIR Working Groups

  • Working Group: Health Hazard and Medical Care 
    Chair: MATSUI, Eisuke
  • Working Group: Investigation of Actual Contamination and Environment 
    Chair: YAGASAKI Katsuma
  • Working Group: Epidemiology, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry: 
    Chair: SAWADA Shoji
  • Working Group: History and Background (Politics, Economics, Law, Philosophy) 
    Chair: TAKAHASHI Hiroko
  • Working Group: Seminar and Publication 
    Chair: NAMAI Hyoji