ACSIR Met with RERF (Radiation Effects Research Foundation)

Those Present from RERF were: 

Mr TERAMOTO Takanobu (Executive Director)

Dr. OZASA Kotaro, Chief of Department of Epidemiology

From ACSIR: 

Professor SAWADA Shoji (President, Physics),

Dr. TAKAHASHI Hiroko (Vice-president, lecturer of Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University, History)

Mr MORITA Toshiya (Chair of Public Relations Committee, freelance journalist), Mr YOSHIKI Ken, (Chair of International Public Relations Committee, Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake (Chair of Science Committee, ECRR, Physics, guest visitor to ACSIR), Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil (President, German Society for Radiation Protection, guest visitor to ACSIR)

A Protest Note to the Japanese Government

“We Denounce Prime Minister Mr NODA’s Announcement to Resume Operations of Nuclear Power Plants: There is no justification for Mr NODA Yoshihiko, on his own initiative, to decide the Re-start of Oi Nuclear Power Plant”

Public Lecture in TOKYO

Urgent Messages: To Protect Yourself and Your Children from Radiation” by Prof. Michel Fernex,

And Screening of the Documentary Film “Nuclear Controversies” (Director: Wladimir Tchertkoff, 2003).

Prof. Michel Fernex in FUKUSHIMA city

  • Visited Hot Spots in Fukushima city
  • Met Ms SATO Sachiko, Representative of Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation, at Yasai Café (Veges Café) which sells non -radioactive vegetables from Western Japan.
  • Visited Fukushima University, and Discussed with a Group of Students and their Academic Advisor who were Writing a Supplementary Reader, “Radiation and Radiation Risks”, in response to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Supplementary Readers on the same theme.
  • Visited CRMS (Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring Station), and Discussed Problems of Rice-Making in Fukushima with a Farmer.