Objectives of the Association for Citizens and Scientists Concerned
about Internal Radiation Exposures (ACSIR)

   The accident of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)'s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant caused serious harm.  Vast areas have been contaminated with radiation, and the lives of a large number of people are threatened.

   The major effects of radiation from the accident are caused by internal exposure by inhaling or ingesting food and drink. In measuring the doses of exposure to radiation, the government and its professional advisors have relied mainly on gamma rays which are easy to detect.  But, in terms of internal radiation exposure, beta and alpha rays have a far more serious effect than gamma rays.  The Japanese government and TEPCO hardly measure such isotopes as beta emitting strontium-90 or alpha emitting plutonium-239.  They have been deliberately ignoring the characteristics of internal exposure and its effects on the health.

   Behind this lie the nuclear strategies and nuclear power policies of the United States.  Influenced by these policies, international organizations such as the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) were established.  They have relied on the research by Radiation Effects Research Foundation which has been ignoring the effect of radiation exposures from fallouts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic bombs.  With regard to the Fukushima accident, the Japanese government makes such claims as “there is no statistically significant evidence to prove that the radiation doses under 100mSv cause diseases”, and they continue to cover up the real facts on the effects of exposure to radiation.  They set a high dose for the dose limit of exposure, and consequently they are not protecting the lives of citizens.

   What is now needed is the promotion of truly scientific studies about the effects of radiation on the human body that are based on facts and actual radiation exposures including internal exposure, and not on policies that promote nuclear weapons and nuclear power.  This is an international issue and a task for all human kind.  And it is now required that the effects of the Fukushima accident are dealt with scientifically and democratically from the viewpoint of citizens.  This includes appropriate measures to protect food and drink from radiation contamination, compensation for the damage, and safeguards so that people can live and work without radiation exposure.  The right of every citizen to live safely must be recognized.  For this, we must establish the sovereignty of the people who are rightly provided with correct information about radiation exposure.

   For these reasons and in these circumstances, in cooperation with citizens and scientists, we form an association to study radiation exposure with emphasis on internal exposure, and we invite you to participate with us in the following activities.


  1. Scientific studies of the effects of internal radiation exposure.
  2. Studies of history and politics of the formation of research and advisory organizations about radiation effects.
  3. Construction of a research system of facts-oriented radiation effects based on reality.
  4. The encouragement of young researchers to participate in this work.
  5. Offering symposiums and study meetings about the above (1) - (3) for citizens.
  6. Introducing and publishing academic articles and books about the above (1) and (2).
  7. Making recommendations to the government, administrations and related organizations as well as to the public.
  8. Informing the media through news conferences, press releases, electronic media.
  9. Construction of a system to promote the above activities.